oh and apparently i’m attracted to aussies now, this is a totally new thing

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i had a dream that this guy i’m weirdly attracted to rufied me last night


the actual


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Q: what's a wog?

hahah this made me laugh, i’m a wog. it’s just aussie slang for anyone with a southern european background so greeks, italians, macedonians and slovakians! it used to be derogatory (and still is depending on who says it and which way they intend it) but it’s just a common classification now these days. i’m assuming you’re referring to my previous post, he’s straight up aussie haha

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don’t do drugs.  do me

what about both

both is good

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That’s the best attraction there is…

i feel like it’s good for building a lasting connection, but there has to be some sort of physical attraction surely. i don’t know if i have that ughhh so much confusion

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